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Boise Epoxy Floors


There are many home renovation tasks that homeowners can perform on their own to save money, but installing epoxy floors is not one of them.

Epoxy floor coatings protect concrete floors against moisture, stains, and heavy loads. They can be personalized with virtually unlimited colors, patterns, and effects.

As one of Boise, Idaho’s top-rated epoxy floors companies, we provide cost-effective and customized solutions to transform your dull concrete flooring into an attractive yet durable surface. We provide homeowners, commercial property owners, and facility managers with a variety of dependable epoxy flooring services. Our high-quality epoxy floors are also suitable for a wide range of applications, including garages, kitchens, and commercial settings.

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Here are the top reasons to choose epoxy floors for your Boise, ID home or business:

Epoxy floors are designed to prevent slippage and withstand heavy traffic, impact, and even heat or fire. They are an excellent choice for homes with kids or for commercial properties that require safety measures, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, warehouses, automotive spaces, and restaurants. With fewer accidents, there will be fewer reasons for production delays.

Epoxy floors are easy to clean. Since epoxy is poured, there will be no seams and cracks where dirt or bacteria can accumulate. Any dust can be simply removed with a rag or mop.

Strength and durability are among the outstanding features of epoxy floors. The epoxy is highly resistant to almost everything your floor may come into contact with. Whether you spill oil, gasoline, cleansers, or other substances on your epoxy flooring, it will not discolor or crack, making it simple to safeguard your investment.

Do you have a specific flooring color, design, or finish you want to achieve? Then epoxy floors are an excellent choice for you. They come in a variety of finishing options, colors, and textures. Whatever you have in mind, epoxy floor coatings can deliver.

If you have concrete flooring, it is simple to apply an epoxy layer directly on top of it. Epoxy floor coatings can be used on new or existing surfaces. Furthermore, the thickness of the epoxy layer may be tailored to your specific requirements.

With all of the possibilities available with epoxy coatings, the cost per square foot cannot be surpassed. Given that it can be applied over pre-existing surfaces, you can save time and money because no extensive preparations are required before putting the epoxy coating.

We specialize in epoxy floor services in Boise, ID.


If you’re looking for fast and affordable epoxy floor installations, Epoxy Floors Boise, ID is the answer. We take pride in our happy and satisfied customers. Homeowners and business owners call our epoxy floor contractors for various reasons, including our extensive industry experience, quality workmanship, and competitive pricing. Our specialists can get the job done right the first time!

An epoxy garage floor is what you need if you want to improve the look and function of your garage and protect its flooring from degradation. Epoxy may add color and beauty to your space while making it less slippery and simpler to maintain. At Epoxy Floors Boise, ID, we are experts in installing epoxy floors for residential and commercial garages. We guarantee to get the job done correctly and to your satisfaction.

Epoxy Floors Boise, ID, provides custom epoxy flooring design and installation for homes and businesses in Boise, ID. For people who appreciate both form and function, we offer a broad choice of alternatives from which to build a one-of-a-kind epoxy floor that’s sure to grab attention. We give clients complete creative control over how the epoxy floors will look, from the color and pattern to the glossiness of its finish.

The glossy shine of epoxy floors is one of its most appealing features. Whether installed in a home or a commercial property, its sleek appearance can brighten gloomy areas, and its elegance can catch the eye of many people. Metallic epoxy flooring has a high level of glossiness reminiscent of precious metals. It can improve the beauty and refinement of your space.

With our commercial epoxy floor services, we can give your flooring the very best protection against wear and tear, foot and machinery traffic, and corrosion. We can work with different industries or businesses in the Boise area. Whether you own a restaurant, warehouse, automotive shop, or retail store, we can install epoxy floors that you can rely on for many decades.



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Epoxy Floors Boise, ID installs epoxy floors, garage epoxy floors, decorative epoxy floors, metallic epoxy floors, and commercial epoxy floors. We offer all our services to residential and commercial clients across various industries.

The lifespan of epoxy floors is determined by where it is installed. A professionally constructed epoxy flooring can last for 20 to 30 years in residential spaces with minimal foot activity, such as the laundry room or garage. Meanwhile, epoxy floors can endure 15 to 20 years in high-traffic settings like commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

The quality of the concrete slab on which the epoxy will be poured is another essential factor affecting the longevity of your epoxy flooring. If the concrete is not in good condition when the epoxy is placed, your new flooring will not perform well and last long.

Epoxy floors have gained popularity because of their unparalleled durability and waterproofing capabilities. They can resist everything from household cleaners and oil to chemicals and automotive fluids. But remember that although epoxy floors can withstand these harsh substances, it is still essential to clean the spills as soon as they happen because they can damage your epoxy floors over time.

Apart from being extremely durable and resistant to almost anything, epoxy floors are also built to last. They can even last longer than any tile, wood, or carpet flooring. When it comes to maintenance, epoxy is also your best bet. It’s easy to keep clean – thanks to its smooth and seamless surface. Many homeowners choose epoxy floors for their garages, laundry rooms, and kitchens.

As a sealant, epoxy can also protect your existing flooring, whether it’s wood, concrete, or other material. When poured over an existing floor, it will keep the concrete from cracking and wearing down. Epoxy floors are also customizable. Whether you want a metallic or a marble-looking appearance, epoxy can make it happen. It’s available in a vast range of colors and textures, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to design.

One downside of epoxy floors is their smell. The strong, toxic smell occurs when the epoxy is still wet and in the curing process. It may cause lung irritation and inflammation of the nose and eyes. But once fully cured, the smell will fade and no longer pose a health risk.

To ensure that epoxy is a good fit for your existing flooring, perform a moisture test. You can do this by taping a plastic bag to your floor and leaving it for 24 hours. If moisture has accumulated underneath, epoxy is not compatible with your flooring. You can also check for concrete sealant. Pour water onto your concrete floor. If the water does not soak in, that means your floor has concrete sealant, and epoxy flooring won’t work since the two finishes are incompatible.

While epoxy floors are more popular for commercial and industrial use, it is also great for most residential spaces such as garages, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Epoxy flooring is safe, affordable, and customizable. No matter what color theme your house has, there’s an epoxy color and pattern to match it. You can opt for geometric shapes or even a metallic look.

No. Epoxy flooring is one of the most cost-effective and affordable flooring systems on the market today. It can be poured directly on top of another type of flooring. This means you won’t have to remove your old flooring, which will save you a lot of money, time, and labor costs. And because epoxy floors are incredibly durable, you won’t have to replace or repair them regularly.

Still worried about your budget? Contact our team, and we will give you a fair and accurate estimate. We are one of the best epoxy floor specialists in the Boise area that offers high-quality services at affordable rates.


Completing your epoxy flooring project on your own has several advantages. It will most likely be cheaper to buy the supplies at the beginning, you’ll be able to design it the way you want, and you may gain satisfaction from knowing you were able to accomplish it all by yourself.

However, DIY epoxy floor installations come with some drawbacks, too. For one thing, utilizing a home kit reduces the lifespan of your epoxy flooring because it doesn’t use the same strength of chemicals as a professional would. A do-it-yourselfer is likely to make mistakes, miss air bubbles, and use ineffective tools, resulting in a less-than-perfect finish. Proper epoxy floor coating requires numerous layers, and without a well-prepared base, the entire project may fail.

Our certified epoxy floor contractors in Boise, ID, can answer all of your concerns and provide further information to assist you in determining whether an epoxy floor is a good fit for your requirements. Get in touch with us today!

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